Buy me and help the tsunami victims

A group of .NET consultants, including yours truly, have volunteered hours of their time for bid on eBay, with all of the proceeds to go to, an organization working to help the tsunami victims in Southeast Asia. It’s an awesome opportunity for people looking for just some short advice-type consulting (or short project work, though that’s probably harder to pull off in this short a time period) to get both the attention of a world-class consultant (c’mon, when else are you going to get a chance to chat one-on-one with Jeff Richter, Clemens Vasters or Kimberly Tripp?) and help out some victims of Fate’s fickle hand all at the same time. Details are on the eBay page; if this works, we already have some tentative plans to extend it into the Java space, as well–if you’re a Java "celebrity" (their term, not mine), drop me an email if you’d be interested in helping out.