Blog’s moved

To all of you in blogland who’ve followed my rants on technology, I thank you for your support. In an effort to do a better job of keeping my professional and personal blogging separate, I’ve decided to move the professional/technical rants to a new home, supported by a pretty decent blog engine instead of my own home-grown brew.

Over time, I plan to migrate the technical posts from here over to there, so as to keep all the professional stuff in one place. However, I know that lots of sites have deep-linked to these entries, so at the very worst I will replace some of these links with HTTP forwards (3xx response codes) to those entries if I move them. In the meantime, though, I’m not going to take this blog down at all; in fact, the whole point of the split was to allow me to have a space to blog about more personal things without lowering the signal-to-noise ratio for those who care less about my personal life or views on politics. 🙂

As a result, if you subscribed to this blog for its technical content, you probably want to change your feed subscription to the new feed, The Blog Ride, which, by the way, supports categories (in case you don’t care about my rants on things beyond the platform you care about). If you don’t mind a geek’s rants of a more personal nature, however, you’re more than welcome (and, in fact, explicitly invited) to stay and listen in.