An interesting poll from CodeProject

… reveals that maybe developers aren’t as good at self-evaluation as we’d like to believe. Specifically, the admittedly non-scientific poll showed that, of 1,025 polltakers when asked about their coworkers…

    … 104 (10.1%) said that "They are generally smarter than me".
    … 224 (21.9%) said that "They are about as smart as me".
    … 334 (32.6%) said that "They are, in general, not as smart as me".
    … 363 (35.4%) said that "Some smarter, some dumber".

Now, granted, there’s a number of reasons for this rather sharp skew (90% believe that they are at least average amongst their coworkers at their place of work?), including the fact that this is being run on a developers’ site where only those who are looking for more knowledge will come, implying that "only the smart ones go there anyway". But I’m curious to know if this isn’t also perhaps a general indication that our industry’s ability to self-evaluate isn’t also perhaps askew?