Don’t blame the TechEd staff, blame me

I recently received an email from the TechEd administrative staff, making it clear in no uncertain terms that several TechEd Europe attendees were upset at the fact that my presentations weren’t online already (amongst others). I wanted to make sure it was very well understood that the fault lay with me, and NOT with the TechEd Europe staff–the Indigo/Java interop session is still being written as I type this, and the Fallacies talk I simply haven’t sent yet. (I’d say it was due to time constraints, but the truth of it is that would be just an excuse–I just haven’t done it yet, plain and simple.)

Y’all want to blame somebody, blame me. I’m sending the Fallacies talk now, and the Indigo/Java interop talk won’t be there until after I give the talk–such is the fun of doing bleeding-edge talks like this. 🙂