Where’d you go, anyway?

A lot of people have been sending me the odd email, asking if everything’s OK and if I’ve given up blogging or something, due to the relative… OK, let’s be honest, TOTAL… absence of blog posts from me over the last two months. To answer the questions in relative order of ask:

    Have you given up blogging? Are you kidding? Blogging is where I trot out half-baked ideas and get them shot up full of holes so I know how better to structure my arguments in the future. Give that up? Not on your life!
    So what’s with the big silence? Honestly, just general busy-ness. We’re in the process of moving up to Seattle (which will take place mid-July, by the way), I’m in the process of doing a couple of books (which I plan to make public before too long), plus I’ve had a number of conferences, several of which were intercontinental, so I’m just plain tuckered out. When you can’t remember the names of your kids when you get home, blogging just doesn’t seem real high on the priority list.
    Wait a minute… moving to Seattle? Yep, Redmond.
    Are you…? No, I am not taking a job at Microsoft. Or Amazon, for that matter. I’m moving up there because (a) I like the area, (b) a lot of my friends are in the area, (c) a lot more of my friends will be guaranteed to be coming to the area (largely because that’s where Microsoft is), and (d) there’s nothing really holding me to the Sacramento area besides inertia. Besides, there’s this curious effect, how money just somehow seems to find its way from the Microsoft coffers into the hands of those gathered close to campus, employee or not….
    Sounds like you’re making the switch to a .NET guy. Hardly. I’m part of JSR 261, the JSR for bringing WS-Addressing into the JAX* suite of specs, and I have lots of plans to continue speaking and writing in the Java space for a long time to come. Make no mistake, Java is hardly "done" (despite what some of my .NET-favoring friends believe), and I plan on riding the Java language for quite a while.
    So are you going to come back to blogging anytime soon? Sure, as soon as things slow down some–I’ve got a ton of blog posts just sort of hovering at the edge of my consciousness waiting to be written, publicized, and shot full of holes, I just need time to do the writing. Anybody want to volunteer to ghost-blog for me? 🙂

By the way, I’ll make a formal announcement before too long, but be aware that during the move the neward.net site (my blog and my wife’s blog, at the root of the site) will likely be down for a week or two. During that time, I’ll probably be revisiting my hosting options as well as my blogging engine options, so don’t be too surprised if the blog "forks" into a personal blog and professional blog, as others (such as Rocky) have done before me.

In the meantime, thanks for listening! Er… reading, I mean.