WebServices .NET resources

As part of teaching this week, I created a list of resources for interested WebServices (using .NET) implementors to use. Here ya go:

    Rocky Lhotka (Magenic)
    Clemens Vasters (Newtelligence)
    Simon Guest (Microsoft)
    Michele Leroux Bustamente (iDesign, dasBlonde.com, interopwarriors.com)
    Steve Vinoski (IONA)
    Bruce Schneier (Counterpane)
    Enterprise Integration Patterns (Hohpe, Woolf)
    Applied XML Programming for Microsoft .NET (Esposito)
    .NET and J2EE Interoperability Toolkit (Guest)
    Essential XML Quick Reference (Skonard, Gudgin), see the free PDF as well
    Practical Cryptography (Schneier, Ferguson)
    Secrets and Lies (Schneier)
    Beyond Fear (Schneier)
    Eight Fallacies
    Note on distributed computing
    Ten Must-have utilities …
    WS-i Basic Profile 1.1 Spec
    Schema Best Practices
    XML Schema Part 0 (Primer)
    SoapMSMQ WSE 2 Channel
    Securing the UserName Token

I put this here both for their use, and if others might find it interesting, including the Java folks (who, in all honesty, will only not care about the Reflector tool at the bottom).