C’mon guys, please?

So I’m playing around with VS 2005 Beta 2 tonight, specifically the System.CodeDom.Compiler APIs, and I’m intrigued by one method on the base class CodeDom interface: Parse, taking a System.String, returning a CodeCompilationUnit, which is the root of the CodeDom interface. I’m thinking, "Now this is an interesting enhancement", because in the v1.x bits, the ICodeParser implementations of CSharpCodeProvider and VJSharpProvider, among others, were null (yep, just returned the constant null–no implementation whatsoever), depriving the .NET world of a doorway to some incredibly useful functionality.

So I fire up a CodeDomProvider for C#, call Parse… and get a NotImplementedException. WTF? VJSharpProvider… NotImplementedException. How about ANYone? Nope: JScript, MC++, VJ#, JScript, C#, not a single one provides an implementation to the Parse() method.

This is an open call to the .NET CodeDom team: If you’re not going to provide even a single implementation, then just rip the damn thing out and quit teasing me. Actually, go one step better, and actually provide what would be an awesome enhancement to .NET 2.0. Disgusting.