I’m going to Amsterdam

Just got this email from Arvindra Sehmi and Beat Schwegler, who are the track chairs for TechEd Europe (July 5-8):

    Arvindra and I co-own the Architecture and the Connected Systems tracks @ TechEd Europe. In this capacity, we’re responsible for selecting the best speaker together with their best sessions. That’s why we’re really excited to have you as a speaker in our tracks.

    We’d like to confirm that you’ve been scheduled for the following two sessions:

        The Fallacies of Enterprise Development
        The Day Indigo met the Tiger

    Ironically, that second presentation was one I also proposed for JavaOne….

    This won’t be the only time I’m off to Amsterdam this year; in fact, I’m headed out there for the SDC show at the end of this month:
    which should be fun, because I’m doing a suite of four talks on Indigo, mostly based around the slides Microsoft gave at the most recent Indigo SDR–then I get to repeat the experience, this time with Steve Swartz to help bail me out of the hard parts, at DevTeach in June. 🙂

    Indigo, Ho!