VMWare guest-to-guest networking

I’ve been trying to live the VMWare lifestyle for a bit now, and I’m having a familiar problem that I ran into in the VirtualPC world, that of getting two guest OS’es (both Windows, for now) see each other and be able to contact one another.

In particular, I started by trying to get Simon’s "axis.tcp" sample to run talking to one another, and neither one seemed to want to talk to the other. I realized that Windows Firewall was getting in the way, so I shut it down on both sides, and it appears to enable basic networking–I can telnet from the Java/Windows guest to the DotNet/Windows guest over port 80, and vice versa, so obviously basic TCP/IP is working, at least for HTTP. But FTP doesn’t want to work for some reason, and I can’t get Simon’s simple TCP sample to run, either. So before I start hunting up all sorts of reasons why, I want to verify my basic assumptions about how VMWare networking works and make sure that I’m not missing something.

I’m assuming that the TCP/IP stack in Windows will essentially choose whichever of the two network adapters (VMWare’s "NAT" and "Host-only" network adapters, respectively) is enabled and able to communicate, but I’m concerned that when running in disconnected mode (that is, my laptop isn’t plugged into a network) it decides wrongly and tries to use a network adapter that requires a host IP address; this is where I’m not sure what’s going on, precisely–does the NAT adapter require a host IP address? Should I assign static IPs to the guest OS’es so as to avoid this problem, and if so, which network adapter should I use?

For the record, I really don’t care about accessing the public Internet from the guests–it would be nice, but not required. And Google hasn’t helped much, at least not with my naive keyword-based queries. Any pointers to help on the topic (including VMWare 5, which I’ve just downloaded but haven’t installed yet) would be awesome.