VirtualPC ran too slow, and VMWare runs too fast?

Frustrated with VirtualPC’s stubbornness about running on my T42p with anything resembling decent performance characteristics, I decided to try converting a few VPC images over to VMWare 4.5 and give that a spin instead. My basic reaction thus far can be summed up as:

    "Hmm, kinda works a lot like VPC."
    "At least it runs faster than VPC does; that’s a relief."
    "Wait, why is my clock out of sync with the host…?"

Turns out that inside the VMWare guest image, the clock is running faster than on the physical hardware, and I’ve not the slightest clue as to why. Google hasn’t yielded up any secrets here–lots of hits on why the clock is running faster inside a Linux guest, yes, but not when the guest is a WindowsXP image. Anybody got any good leads on how to correct for this? It’s annoying at best, but I fear for what happens if I get going on some serious development and the clocks aren’t synced across VMWare images using shared folders, since tools like Ant and others tend to rely on accurate representation of time to do compiles….

Any help?