Bald blogging begins

There are many kinds of friends in the world: some you make, lose touch with, and when you get back in touch with them, you spend hours on end trying to catch up and rebuild the connection you once had. Some you make, lose touch with, and are never able to rebuild that connection. And some are so deeply in tune with your own personality that no matter how long it’s been since you talked to them last, you just naturally fit into a groove again the second you come into their presence (literally or virtually), and it’s as if you were never apart.

ActiveNick’s begun blogging. Welcome to the blogosphere, m’friend. 😉

(If you get a chance, check out the "Geekish Celebrity Sightings Gallery"; I think I get top honors as most-often-photographed-with-Nick. And yes, that shot with Sarah Connor–German equivalent to Britney Spears, apparently–is a legit shot, no doctoring.)