The JavaOne drinking game!

From the Webmink blog:

    Along with Mary and others my session proposal for JavaOne was declined (see, working for Sun isn’t the answer, Ted, maybe it’s not a conspiracy against you?).

Never said it was; just means that Sun isn’t letting anyone else up there to speak, either.

Proposal: The JavaOne drinking game! Every time…

    … a Sun employee gives a talk
    … a JavaOne speaker derides IBM
    … a JavaOne speaker says ".NOT" or derides Microsoft (double if they claim .NET can’t run anywhere but Windows, triple if they say that .NET is a proprietary technology that isn’t a standard but Java is)
    … there’s an EJB 3 reference
    … there’s a Hibernate reference
    … there’s an "AOP" reference (particularly by somebody who’s not really an AOP expert *cough* Bill Burke *cough* Marc Fleury *cough*)
    … a JavaOne speaker gives a talk on J2ME
    … a JavaOne speaker says "Write-Once Run Anywhere"

… you have to take a drink.

My guess is every player is smashed by lunchtime on the first day.