Sun blows me off… again….

    Sun Microsystems, Inc. and the JavaOne(sm) Conference Content Team are grateful for your proposal to present at the 2005 JavaOne conference. The high quality of submissions made the selection process extremely difficult. We regret to inform you that we will be unable to accept your proposal entitled ‘ The Fallacies of Enterprise Computing ‘ | ‘ J2EE and .NET, 2005 edition ‘ | ‘ Introduction to Web Services, 2005 edition ‘ | ‘ Effective Enterprise Java: 7 of the 75 Items ‘.

    Thank you very much for your submission. We appreciate your continued support of the JavaOne conference.

I’m not sure why I would have expected Sun to be any different this year about their proposals–after all, it’s been a pretty regular theme that unless you (a) work for Sun, (b) work closely with Sun, or (c) chant the Sun party line ("small devices will be hot this year, we promise!"), you’re not going to speak at JavaOne. So it’s been since 2000, so it looks to forever remain. Apparently even "proprietary technology company" Microsoft is more willing to allow outside speakers than Sun.

Don’t look for me there–my support for their conference pretty much dried up. Look for me at the NFJS shows instead, TechEd, or maybe there’s IBM’s developerWorks….