Should I (can I) redirect RSS requests?

As I’m contemplating the work involved in setting up a new blogging engine at (which isn’t live yet, so don’t go looking), I found myself thinking about how I could minimize the disruption to people already subscribed to this blog. In particular, I was thinking about creating a "redirect" feature for *this* blog, such that RSS requests (to rss.jsp) would basically get redirected (or pull from) the new blog.

Then I started thinking about that, though, and the idea that effectively I’m co-opting the blog that you *wanted* to read with a blog that *I* want you to read. Is this kosher? Or am I essentially betraying a trust implicit in the RSS-feed mechanism by doing this? I’m serious when I ask you to vote (via email, if you prefer: ted-at-neward-dot-net) and tell me what you think: can I just redirect requests for this blog to the new one, or should I just not even pretend and force you to resubscribe to the new blog?