Speaking schedule for the next month or two

More than a few people have asked me already what shows I’m speaking at this coming year, and the short answer is that there is no short answer. 🙂

First stop on the 2005 speaking circuit for me is TheServerSide Java Symposium 2005 March 3-5 in Las Vegas, where I’m doing two talks ("Effective Enterprise Java", of course, and "WS-Peril: The Perils of Web Services"). I’m looking forward to hanging out with my former gang from TheServerSide, and seeing how TechTarget is treating them these days. Of course, I’m also looking forward to seeing Rod, Gregor, Jason and Adrian again, as one of the great benefits of the TSSJS show (at least, based on my impressions from last year) is that they do a great job bringing together some of the best thinkers in the Java space into one place. Some of the hallway conversations at last year’s TSSJS were just phenomenal; I in particular remember one with Rod Johnson over Spring’s role in the Grand Scheme of Things, and Rod’s frank admittal that they weren’t trying to completely replace EJB, just provide something other than bazookas to kill roaches (my words, not his). 🙂

Almost as soon as I get to Vegas, I’m off to Milwaukee for the first of this year’s No Fluff Just Stuff shows, which promises to be another whirlwind ride. I’ve tentatively committed to doing every(!) NFJS show on the schedule this year, which should be an interesting ride. Of more interest to most readers of this weblog is that this year marks a significant change to the NFJS format: we’ve added a .NET track, shepherded by yours truly, which will include talks from myself, some of the existing NFJS speakers (Justin Gehtland and Venkat Subramian, to name two), and two new NFJS players: Cathi Gero and Rocky Lhotka. It should make the NFJS speaker panels that much more interesting, since .NET brings a different perspective on architecture than the traditional Java viewpoint, and Rocky in particular has been on a tear to talk about architectural models for a while now. As for me, I’m talking about Effective Enterprise Java again, but also some new .NET taks on Indigo and C-Omega, among others. I’m looking forward to both a lot, particularly C-omega, since I think XML and relational integration into the language is the Next Big Thing for programming languages; should draw some interesting comparisons to Groovy.

Then, life gets doubled up for a bit as both the patterns and practices Summit West and SD West 2005 are held in the same week in roughly the same location, in Mountain View. I’m speaking at both: I’m doing a half-day Effective Enterprise Java tutorial and a 90-minute "Web Services without the bleeding edge" talk at SD West, then a "Communication Design Patterns" talk at the Summit along with a "Patterns Workshop" with Gregor Hohpe and Ward Cunningham, which has got me all tingly–we’re going to workshop a pattern and add it to PatternShare, the online patterns repository that Ward’s championed at Microsoft. (How much do I love this job? How often do you get a chance to workshop a pattern with two of the Big Patterns Guys? Wow.) Coupled with a Birds-of-a-Feather session on Web services with Michele Bustamente and Elliott Rusty Harold at SD West, the week should be chock-full of all kinds of opportunities for me to get brought up short on all kinds of things. 🙂

And that’s just March. 🙂