You don’t miss something until it’s gone…

If you’ve tried to reach the weblog and failed recently, it’s not your fault; we’ve been having some "issues" with our ISP here at the house, and as a result, the server (which is sitting under my desk) seems offline at times. I promise, the server is still running, it’s just that you can’t reach it. 🙂

This is one of those decisions that I’m not really looking forward to: when we make the Big Move Up North, do I continue hosting this domain on my server in my house, and be somewhat hostage to the support infrastructure of my local ISP provider, or do I co-lo the box (or just let somebody else’s box host the Web and EMail services) with a more reliable ISP that will be a bit more proactive in finding and shooting down the problems? Any suggestions or experiences?

Needing recommendations on good domain providers

I just noticed that was available, so I purchased the domain and will probably start moving the "professional" side of my life over there so as to have both a "personal" presence (here) and a "work" presence (there). This then raises an interesting question: assuming I want to host the domain on an ISP’s machine, does the blogosphere have any good/bad comments about various providers? I’d be looking for:

    Unlimited email accounts, or at least a fairly high (>100) number before additional charges kick in. I want to be able to try and keep spam to a minimum by using "tracker" email accounts when registering for downloads and stuff.
    Either an ASP.NET or Servlet/JSP engine capability, though database backing isn’t necessarily required. Obviously I want to be able to host a weblog on the domain.
    High or unlimited bandwidth. Though I don’t expect people to come flocking to my domain, I don’t want to get nailed with unbelievable surcharges the one time I get SlashDotted.
    Fairly high (>500MB) file capacity allotment. I want to be able to put seminar demos, examples, and other such things, on the server for people to get hold of.

I know there’s some strong opinions out there, so….