Hani’s biling again….

Hani’s at it again, talking up (in his inimitable style) talking up TheServerSide Symposium next month. He must’ve been running low on the creative juice, because when he gets around to my name , the best he can come up with is:

    Bill Berk will no doubt tell us how great JBoss is (I hear he’s been practising his umms, hmms and errrs). Gregor Hohpe will STILL be trying to sell more copies of his book (possibly giving Jason Hunter a run for his money in the best-dead-horse-flogging-via-a-book category), while Ted Neward will drop names and refer to Microsoft celebrities by their first name (that really must wow the girls) and somehow try to convince us that .net is relevant for java people. Rod Johnson will have completed his transformation from mild mannered intelligent British guy to freaky mad glint in the eye Spring zealot and ejbhater (possibly with a bigger posse in tow that his six pitiful acolytes last year).

Oh, come on, Hani, you can do better than this. How about

    , while Ted Neward will try vainly to convince us that EJB is still somehow relevant and thus try to sell a few more copies of his lame-ass book


    , while Ted Neward will attempt to inject into his talks something that passes for humor in his eyes by insulting the attendeees


    , while Ted Neward will once again try to hog as much camera time as he can and this time, instead of moderating a panel, he’ll just run the entire panel himself, from asking the questions to answering them and getting into a fight onstage with himself

I mean, really, Hani, you are so much better than this! 😉