Still think all ‘Softies are evil?

From Bryan Keller’s weblog, from the 13th of this month:

    We received a mail today highlighting just some of Microsoft’s contributions to the tsunami relief fund. I think it’s amazing the amount of generosity the people at this company show. Here’s a snippet of the email:

        As Steve announced in his e-mail of December 30th, Microsoft has made an initial contribution of $2 million to relief and recovery efforts. We also estimated that we would donate an additional $1.5 million to match employee contributions. While we still await comprehensive figures from our international subsidiaries, partial reporting shows that to-date employees have contributed more than $1.8 million, which Microsoft will match. Offices around the world are raising funds in a variety of ways; in EMEA, employees contributed $420,000, to date. Microsoft India reports that 70% of employees have pledged a day of their salary for the relief efforts. These are just two examples of the generosity of our employees.

    That’s an average of $112 per employee, in addition to whatever money people donated separately from our internal matching drive. That makes me pretty proud to work here.

Now THAT’S community involvement.

Folks, I dunno about you, but I’m deeply humbled and impressed that 70% of all the employees at Microsoft India surrendered a day of their salary to the tsunami victims. That’s just awesome. I echo Clemens’ sentiments: "Since my time will be auctioned, too, I can already promise that I will employ a rather liberal interpretation of "hour" if we get enough money in."