Ted, en Espanol…

JavaHispano, a Spanish Java/J2EE portal, asked to interview me, and the results are now posted on their website, in both English and Spanish. This marks the third language I’ve been translated to, officially; the first two were official translations of Server-Based Java Programming, to Korean and English. 🙂 (To be specific, it was slightly reformatted for sale in India.)

Martin Perez, who wrote up the questions, did a pretty good job coming up with some questions that just begged for candid answers, like:

    I’m just curious. How can the same man write Effective Enterprise Java and being TheServerSide.net chief editor -without entering to talk about your dark side books 🙂 – at the same time ?


    Considering the different solutions, platforms, products and languages present today. For any enterprise, is open integration the key to survive on the IT world ?

and its followup

    But talking about Web Services, we found them very immature yet, as many standards are opened yet. Will be this the year of Web Services ?

and one of my favorites

    In your book, one of your advices is to not forget rich clients. But, if we look at most of the published books, each nine of ten talks only about web application world. Are really rich clients live and ready for enterprise applications ?

Man, remind me never to do a live interview with these folks! 🙂

Even if you don’t speak Spanish, there’s some other good interviews in English to read, like Jason Hunter on servlets and XQuery, Erik Hatcher on Lucene, Jack Shirazi on performance tuning…. Go check it out.