One of my favorite books just came out again

I was at SoftPro books in Denver (great store, if you’re ever in the area, just off of Arapahoe and I-25) today with my brother-in-law (another geek who lives in Portland and wrestles daily with unmanaged code, poor soul), and happened to see that the latest edition of Windows Internals has shipped. Immediately went into the shopping basket–no other book I’ve ever found goes into as much intimate detail about the core parts of the Windows operating system as Solomon and Russinovich do. It’s a distinct reminder of the OReilly "Inside the Linux Operating System" book–they get into that level of detail, if not more.

Readers with a mind for detail will of course recognize Mark Russinovich’s name as one of the principals behind SysInternals, as well, where many cool little utilities (many of which come with source) hang out.

And those who live in the Java world? You should still buy this book, along with a Linux internals, Solaris Internals, and any other similar kind of book for your operating system–knowing what’s going on "under the hood" can be an invaluable asset, if nothing else than simply because that way you can figure out where the bottlenecks *really* are in your system because you know the operating system itself that much better….

Meanwhile, I’m curling up and seeing what’s changed since Win2k. Talk to you in a few days.